Is God a liar?

by Joel Furches

Is God A LiarHave you ever seen a movie that wasn’t particularly good?  On your way out of the theatre, you happen to catch sight of the poster for the movie you just saw.  The poster has quotes from news journals and movie critics that say things like “…a masterpiece…” “…astounding…” “…the best…movie of the year…”  Perhaps you suspect that these quotes may have been taken from a larger sentence that looked something like this:  “This movie tries to be a masterpiece and fails.  It is astounding that the studios invested so much money into such a mediocre piece of cinema.  The best thing that can be said about this film is that it is the first movie of the year to sink to such depths.”

Advertisers are not the only people to unabashedly take quotes out of context in order to prove the point they want to prove.  Politicians and celebrities are frequent victims of out-of-context quotes and pictures that put them in the poorest possible light.  But there is no greater victim of the out-of-context quote than the Bible itself.  Christians and non-Christians alike will rip verses from their greater context to prove practically any point they choose.  In fact, there is an entire practice of using the Bible as a complex textual or numerological code in an attempt to predict the future.

It is fair, when approaching the Scriptures to treat it as you would any other text and to ask the just question “What was the message that the author was attempting to convey?”  In order to do this, it is only reasonable to read the entire passage from which the quote is taken in order to determine the context of that quote. 

A common objection that is leveled against the God of the Bible by his critics is that he is a liar…


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