John Lennox interview: The Good News fits with science

john_lennox“There is no need at all to be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, of the Good News, because it fits with science and there are answers”

Justin Brierley meets Oxford maths professor and Christian apologist John Lennox

The Times newspaper recently labeled John Lennox as “Christianity’s new poster boy”. It’s a description Lennox greets with his infectious Irish chuckle, readily admitting he doesn’t exactly have the physique of a male pin-up.

How then, did the Oxford mathematician and philosopher of science earn the label? Because he fought Dawkins and won (according to many, at least). John Lennox isn’t just a good academic; he’s also an excellent communicator. Affable, fluent and with a smile in his eyes, he draws the listener in, an evangelist for both science and Christianity.

As the academic equal of Richard Dawkins, Oxford University’s most famous non-believer, Lennox has earned himself a reputation as the “go to” man for responding to “new atheism”. His debates with Dawkins and other leading atheists, as well as a series of popular-level books defending science and Christianity, have seen the flowering of his ministry as an in-demand Christian apologist.

Lennox is a conversationalist (and he’s fluent in several languages). Sit down with him and you might hear stories about debates with academic peers over college dinners, travels to the former Soviet Union, or encounters with the late Christopher Hitchens.

His passion is to see Christians equipped to take the conversation to those promoting an increasingly secular worldview. “Get into the public discussion,” he advises, “because if we don’t, then they win by default”. As a tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, he is now passing on the baton to a new generation of young Christian thinkers…


John Lennox interview: The Good News fits with science | Reform Magazine



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