Politics Anyone?

by Ridley Barron

free for allLast night, as I was wrapping up my evening, my father-in-law sent me an email with a video attached. Because it was getting late and the Braves were in the 7th inning, I almost didn’t watch it. I thought I might save it for today. Instead, I chose to click the button. It was the first step in what turned out to be a long and, shall I say, informative evening.

The video was good. I liked what the guy said. It lined up with some of my own political viewpoints so I chose to take the next step and share it with some friends on Facebook. In a matter of minutes, I had received some “Likes” and a few comments. Then I received a comment that escalated the progression of things. It was from another young lady that I really don’t know very well but we have a mutual friend. She is a Christ follower (like me) and carries an obvious burden for those less fortunate–orphans, the poverty stricken, those who suffer from disease, etc. For that I applaud her. But it was her comment on my page that took me by surprise…

Why can’t pastors stay out of politics?

I’m not sure what my first reaction was. I was more than a little stunned. Did some really suggest to me that my faith in Christ and my subsequent call to serve him as a pastor disqualified me from having an opinion? Not one to back away from such a conversation, I replied:

Why should a pastor stay out of politics? Are you saying that my call from God disqualifies me from having a voice in the politics of my country?

Somehow, it was said, my comments as a pastor were creating division. Why is it always the conservative viewpoint that creates division while the alternative view is simply someone practicing their right to free speech? Why is it that I am described by some as intolerant because I share my opinion but others do the same and it is never a concern? After another comment or two, I wrote this…


Politics Anyone? | Ridley Barron

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