Review: Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe If It’s Not True: Is There Absolute Truth?

by Brian Auten

Why It Doesn't MatterThis reviewer is always on the look out for books that take different apologetic issues and put them into bite-sized chunks that a complete beginner can understand and begin interacting with. That task is quite difficult because many authors take concepts and mutilate them in such a way that the beginner would actually be more confused than when they began.

The opportunity was given a while back to review a copy of Stephen McAndrew’s new book Why It Doesn’t Matter What YOU Believe If It’s Not True. The book is a short read of only 86 pages. The eleven chapters break up the short book into sections that are extremely manageable for those with only spurts of time to read or need time to digest. This format holds much promise to being a great introductory book. But does it come through?

Chapter 1: Introduction
In the introductory chapter McAndrew draws out his intentions of this book. His goal is to explain that there is extreme tension between the post-modern idea of moral relativism and the inner desire of every human being to grant all other humans "human rights". He critiques the current "sound bite" culture and explains that ideas need to be thoroughly investigated. From that, he moves right into establishing that absolute truth does, in fact, exist.

Chapter 2: Footnotes to Plato
The second chapter is quite nice. McAndrew uses it to show the historical progression of absolute truth to relative truth. He begins with Plato and his concept of The Forms and ends with Wittgenstein’s ideas of dynamic language. He covers empiricism and logical positivism and shows how they connect between Plato and Wittgenstein. Being able to understand the philosophical cahnge from absolute truth to relative truth helps the reader to better understand from where people are coming when they promote such a theory…


Review: Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe If It’s Not True – Apologetics 315

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