The revolution of the human heart brought on by Jesus

by Paul Gould

Tianamen-squareI just finished reading A Heart for Freedom, the story of Chai Ling, one of the student leaders of the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing. Her story is a gripping account of the heart’s longing for freedom, purpose, justice, and significance. It is also a picture of the fact that the only true revolution is the revolution of the human heart brought on by Jesus.

A quick summary of Chai Ling’s story:

Born under the shadow of the communist party, Chai Ling’s parents were both doctors and proud servants of the country. Growing up, Chai Ling was a bright and hard working student, and eventually earned her way into one of China’s top universities, Peking University. While at the university, her world was opened up to new loves, new views, new pain (forced abortions), and the injustice of the communist party with its crack down on students who were pushing for democracy. Through a series of seemingly random events, she found herself, in the spring of 1989 as the spokesperson for the Tiananmen Square uprising that eventually resulted in the massacre by government forces of over 3,000 students. Chai Ling fled, eventually making her way to the United States. She pursued further degrees at Princeton University and Harvard Business School and then settled into a job working in the business world. She married an American and now has three beautiful daughters. She has been and is a key figure and symbol of the fight for freedom and democracy in China…


The revolution of the human heart brought on by Jesus | Paul Gould

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