Living Examples of the Word

by Joel Onyshuk

living examplePastor Dave, the lead pastor at my church, gave an illustration during his sermon yesterday that got me thinking. Though I cannot provide the context of the story off the top of my head, the basic story-line is this:

Four pastors were talking together about what their favorite versions of the Bible. The first pastor said, "I like the King James Version with its eloquence and poetic flow." The second pastor said, "I like the NASB because even though it is a wooden translation, it is very close to the original languages." The third pastor said, "I prefer the NLT with it’s easy sentence flow and structure." The fourth and final pastor said, "I like my Mom’s version best." The other pastors were bewildered and asked him to clarify. The fourth pastor responded, "My mom lived the Bible out so vividly in her life that the Bible just made sense to me."

Have you ever met someone who really lived out a Christian life? I mean really lived it out in such a way that if you didn’t know anything about the Bible that you’d believe that what it said inside its covers must be true? I have. A couple of them are my closest mentors. Those are the kind of people we should surround ourselves with on a routine basis.

But how do we do it? What are the marks of someone living as a representative of the Word of God as a strong believer?


The Poached Egg Apologetics3 Ways to Be a Living Bible – Joel Onyshuk


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