31 Actions to Advance Apologetics

by Brian Auten

31-actions-to-advance-apologeticsNeed some ideas in order to advance in the area of apologetics? Things move forward when you take some action. Here are 31 Actions to Advance Apologetics:

1. Go to a Conference—Sometimes an apologetics conference is a great way to get things kick-started in the area of apologetics. Consider attending some of the great apologetics conferences hosted across the globe. Check out these conference pages by EPS, SES, Biola, Veritas, Unbelievable?, the European Leadership Forum, On Guard, Smart Faith, Solid Reasons, and Apologetics Canada, just to get started. You can even attend conferences online. Know of more conferences? Leave a comment below.

2. Do a Read Along Project—Why not work through an apologetics book with others? Spend some time and really delve in, wade through each chapter, and even work through study questions. It’s easy, and you can get started right now on something that will benefit you or your small group in a great way. Read Along with Christian Apologetics by Douglas Groothuis, or Read Along with Is God Just A Human Invention? by McDowell and Morrow.

3. Decide on a Topic to Study—If you are scattered in your reading, then determine to focus your studies on one subject. Pick a subject that really interests you. Maybe it’s the cosmological argument, the problem of evil, morality, or relativism. Whether it’s listening to audio, or picking up a few good books on the subject, a focused study has great benefits.

4. Listen to Apologetics Audio—Time can be sparse in the midst of a busy schedule. That’s why audio is your friend. It can go with you wherever you go, whether driving, exercising, or doing chores. You can select from some of the best apologetics podcasts, listen to audio lecture series, or weigh the issues in an audio debate. Listening to audio is one of the great ways to redeem the time that you might not be able to commit to reading…


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