“Apolo-what?” Misunderstandings about Apologetics

by Sarah Abbey

apologetics whatI love meeting new people, hearing where they come from and what they do. I get excited to learn about their passions, and in turn share with them about who I am and what gets me excited in life. I’ve started to notice a trend though. Usually when I share my passion for Christian apologetics I get a blank or quizzical stare. What exactly is Christian apologetics? Why is it important and why should anyone care? As I’ve interacted with these questions, and the people who are asking them, I’ve experienced that many people have assumptions about apologetics that need clarification.

Four Misunderstandings about Apologetics

1) Apologetics is saying “sorry” for being a Christian. It cannot be denied that great evil has occurred in the name of Christianity that Christians need to apologize for. Yet apologetics is not saying “I’m sorry” for believing in Jesus Christ or the Bible’s reliability.

2) Apologetics is only about debating. Once when I explained to an individual my passion for apologetics I was immediately asked, “So you like to debate people?” He assumed that apologetics consisted of debating scientists or people of other faiths to prove that Christianity is right and they are wrong. While debates have their right and healthy place in apologetics, to equate the two unequivocally is to miss the apologetic mark…


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