Sex, Murder, and Lies. Oh, My!

by Josh Fults

murder sex lies in the bibleIf one has read much of the Bible, one quickly finds that some pretty shady events take place that are often graphic in nature. How can anyone refer to the Bible as boring? It has more action than a rated “R” movie.

The Bible is full of: murder, adultery, stealing, idol worship, perverse sexual practices, lies, incest, abuse, baby killing, etc. The Big question is, does God condone and approve of these practices? Perhaps that seems like a silly question, but as of late, there have been a number of people make the argument that God does, in fact, promote some of these horrendous acts.

To say that God promotes deviant behavior, enjoys seeing innocent people die, and relishes watching people suffer or be taken advantage of, can only be arrived at by ignoring scriptural context and having limited understand on who God is and what He is about.

One has to remember that along with teaching us about God (Theology), and providing instruction (doctrine), the Bible is also a book of history. Just because something is reported within the Bible does not mean that God gives his stamp of approval. Much of what goes on within scripture grieves God. Those who say that God approves of everything that happens within scripture would also have to agree that news networks and news anchors approve of every story they report…


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