Can We Trust the Bible?

by Arthur Khachatryan

apologetics - can we trust the bibleOne of the most popular sentiments of the day is that the Bible cannot be trusted. The reason often cited is that it is claimed that the biblical text was copied over and over and pieces were added onto it, and other portions removed to suit the theological inclinations of the specific generation or individual scribes. And once that charge against the Bible is moved along, another popular one quickly follows, namely that the Bible, especially the New Testament, was written so much later after the events that it purports to have occurred, that we really can’t trust the content matter supposedly because the writers were utilizing their memory to tell us what happened generations ago.

But is this really the case? Has the text of the Bible been dramatically changed? Was the Bible written generations after the events it is depicting?

We need to look at the transmission of the text, and the manner and shape in which the text gets to us. We look at the time gap between the events and the writings. We try to determine if there was anything special about the way the writings were preserved, and how reliable the written copies are.

Can We Trust the New Testament?

It’s important to note that the New Testament writings that we have today are all copies. As with all papyri writings of antiquity, the original writings have withered away. Thus, copies had to have been made of those originals. Scribes meticulously copied the original writings in order that they be preserved. This was the practice for other ancient historical works as well. However, the differences between the preservation of the New Testament writings and other historical works of antiquity are absolutely astonishing…


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