Christians must be able to explain their faith

by Anita Bruce-Mills

apologetics - be able to explainTwo hundred guests congregated in central London over the weekend for Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Unbelievable Conference’.

The conference was held in partnership with Reasons to Believe, a Christian apologetics teaching and research organisation.

Hosted by Justin Brierley, presenter of Premier Christian Radio’s faith discussion programme ‘Unbelievable’, the conference aimed to equip Christians with reasons for the truth of their faith with evidence from Science, Philosophy and Bible scriptures.

Church leader and apologist, Michael Green, opened the evangelical event with a message titled ‘To everyone an answer’ in which he discussed tackling objections to the Christian faith.

"We must be prepared to give everyone an answer," he said.

"Those words come from 1 Peter 3:15, where Peter also faced a hostile intellectual climate and he gives his readers and us a very helpful series of injunctions."

Green described true faith as self commitment on evidence and said that apologetics presented evidence.

"Apologetics is very important. Without it many of our youngsters will fall away as soon as they get to university and we will not be able to win undergraduates for Christ at that critical stage of their lives. The media and universities are hotbeds of anti-Christian influence."

Also present at the conference was founder and President of Reasons to Believe Hugh Ross who put forward cosmic reasons to believe in God…


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