Confessions of an Atheist Darwin-Doubter

by James Barham

darwin sshhhEditor’s note: Among the self-protective claims you hear from Darwin defenders is that there’s no use engaging scientific Darwin doubters because evolutionary heretics are all motivated by religious conviction and the religiously faithful are impervious to reason. Strangely, this doesn’t prevent Darwin’s own faithful from tirelessly attacking Bible-based creationists. It only keeps them from marshaling genuine arguments against intelligent design. Anyway, in keeping with our mission here of gently encouraging Darwinists to confront and engage reality, we present this testimony from ENV contributor James Barham, a nearly lifelong atheist who tells an interesting story of how he came to question the adequacy of the mainstream neo-Darwinian account of life and evolution. We admire Barham’s writing and think you will too.

I was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1952, and was raised primarily in the Southern Baptist faith. However, my parents were not particularly observant and I was seldom taken to church as a child. My acquaintance with my religious tradition was pretty much limited to the Bible stories I heard at my grandmother’s knee.

I became an avid reader at an early age, and among my most vivid childhood memories are the simplified picture books I was given on various scientific subjects, from atomic physics to rocketry to dinosaurs. By the time I was eight, I used to say I wanted to be either an astronaut or a paleontologist when I grew up. So, my interest in science goes back practically as far as I can remember…


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