Hugh Ross: Why I am a Christian

by Hugh Ross

Reasons to BelieveMy mother had no confidence in God, and my father thought pastors and evangelists were ‘charlatans’. Because I lived in a neighbourhood of immigrants, most of the people I met were Hindus, Buddhists, or atheists. The one and only time my maternal grandfather visited from Nova Scotia, he asked me to say a prayer before dinner. I didn’t know what to say, but I bowed my head and mumbled something. That’s about as close as I came to anything religious.

I received a Gideon Bible when I was at school, but I was already so involved in my astronomy studies I didn’t open it until several years later, when one of my teachers challenged me to learn about religion in order to have a better understanding of the world. By that time, emerging evidence favoring the Big Bang convinced me God must exist, but I doubted a being of such awesome power would care to communicate with humans. I assumed the various ‘holy books’ were merely human attempts to explain the unknown, and that their obvious errors in depicting the natural world would prove my point.

After reading many such books, I felt sure my initial assumption was correct. But then I began to look closely at the Bible. The very first page arrested my attention. Here was a beautiful – and testable – overview of natural history. I began spending one to two hours daily studying this book, looking for a provable error. After nearly two years, I had found none. Mysteries, yes. Errors, no.

At this point I was convinced the source behind this writing must be the one responsible for the universe and life. I also recognized Jesus as the incarnate deity whose sacrifice for sin and resurrection from the dead was the only hope for humanity, and for me, personally…


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