Interview with Author and Apologist Arthur Khachatryan

By Mike Robinson

Cold and Lonely TruthArthur greetings and welcome to our site. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley before relocating and I noticed you are situated in Southern California, what area do you reside in and what do you think of the spiritual needs of the area?

Thank you for having me on your fine website. I’m actually also in the San Fernando Valley; what a small world! By far the biggest spiritual hurdle in the area, and to a great extent much of the world actually, is apathy. People just don’t care for anything remotely religious. Now, spirituality in the vaguest possible sense is quite fine. But once you get into the specifics of belief systems, people just don’t care. If ideas are vague or esoteric enough there may be some new age interest. Once someone ventures onto “dangerous” ground of making a truth claims about reality, people generally turn you off. It seems as though the popular irrational sentiment of “believe whatever you’d like – just don’t claim it is exclusively true” has taken up a permanent dwelling here.

More generally, what do you find are the most pressing intellectual challenges for Christians in the America and the West, looking both within Christianity and outside it?

That’s a very interesting question. As far as engaging the unbelieving world, I think the biggest challenge for Christians is balance. The first danger is to over-intellectualize the Gospel to the point of forgetting the personal dimension. Christ did not die for ideas; He died for people. Often times how a Christian lives their life is far more convincing; that there has been a massive unnatural transformation in the person, than any argument…


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