Is Christ the Only Way?

by Robert Velarde

apologetics is Jesus the only wayIs Christ the only way? Don't all religions lead to God? Are Christians really so narrow-minded and intolerant?

If you're Christian, you've probably encountered these or similar questions. If you're not a Christian, you may have asked some of these questions yourself. They are reasonable questions that deserve reasonable answers. This article will answer them by looking at the concepts of truth and tolerance, briefly exploring differences between competing religions and philosophies and looking at what the Bible has to say.

Truth, Tolerance and Hot Chocolate

If truth is relative, then no religion or idea can claim exclusivity because something could be true for one person, but not for another. We can see this when it comes to matters of taste, such as whether or not one person happens to like hot chocolate or not, but what about when it comes to ideas? Are ideas relative? If I say, "I really like hot chocolate," I'm making a claim about a matter of taste. Someone else might not like hot chocolate. But what if I say, "Jesus is Lord"? Someone else may disagree, and they are welcome to, but the claim, "Jesus is Lord" is a truth claim. I'm staking out an area of reality, so to speak, and saying that this bit of information is true.

But what do I mean by "true"? In short, truth is what corresponds to reality. If Jesus is Lord, then he is so no matter how I respond to the claim. In addition, I should be tolerant of those who hold to differing beliefs on this point and they should be tolerant of my belief. But tolerance does not mean that everyone is right. Tolerating different points of view does not mean that we give up our own truth claims…


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