Marvel Comics and Logical Fallacies

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superheroesThe other day a few of us on staff took a break to discuss an urgent topic:

Who is the best* super hero in the Marvel universe?

Tolerant observers in this roundtable discussion shared their opinion and shrugged off opposing views with indifference. But the longtime, diehard fans clung to their views like Spidey to a wall.

Speaking of the famous web-slinger, a couple of us came into the conversation as committed fans of the Amazing Spider-Man. So when a self-identified “instigator” dared to question Spider-Man’s “bestness,” well, I’m sad to say I resorted to a logical fallacy. Unbridled passion does that. But if Bruce Banner teaches us anything, it’s that restraint keeps us from going into “Hulk smash” mode.

The same goes for verbal tiffs, especially when it comes to apologetics.

It’s all too easy to snap back at someone who denies the “bestness” of the ultimate superhero, God-man. But it ultimately defeats the purpose behind apologetics efforts: for the sake of evangelism


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