Should Christians Believe in Evolution?

by Will Little

apologetics - EvolutionIn the previous post in this series we examined the concept of a worldview and how, philosophically speaking, Christianity supports scientific investigation more fully and consistently than any other worldview. Here, we’ll focus our attention on what is undoubtedly the hottest topic debated at the border of faith and science: evolution. Before diving in, it is critical to acknowledge that the “how” of creation is a secondary issue. As Christians we can agree that “God did it” and remained unified (Eph. 4:3) even if we disagree about the interpretation of scientific data and to what degree, if any, science should influence our interpretation of Scripture.

What Is Evolution?

The question “Do you believe in evolution?” does not have a simple “yes” or “no” answer. There are at least six principal meanings of evolution used in biology textbooks, and for the average non-scientist I believe there are four core distinctions that should be understood:

(1) Evolution As Change Over Time

Rocks change. Lakes and rivers change. Animals, people, and cultures change. History is not static and is therefore constantly evolving. This definition usually implies progression, where complexity and diversity increases over time. For example, people on all sides of the evolution debate agree that, generally speaking, biologically simple species have preceded more complex ones…


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