Superheroes Are Screw-Ups, Too: The Avengers in Review

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Christian review of The Avengers - Christian themesFirst of all, this movie rocked. I wasn’t a big fan of all of the individual character films leading up to this one (except Iron Man), but all of them together was fantastic (as the box office stats prove). Joss Whedon stuffed this tasty dish full of humor, action, tension, and heart. Bravo, Joss. Bravo.

(Warning: Thematic spoilers ahead, but no major plot reveals.)

The Avengers is far from your run-of-the-mill superhero blockbuster. Though some may disagree, while there was a lot of flash, I thought there was also a lot more than just surface substance. There is deeper meaning, and it’s not just a commentary on the hodge-podge that is modern American society (though those parallels are present).

The Avengers (for the most part) are superheroes. Traditionally, superheroes start out as failures, outsiders, or rebels, but these drawbacks are rarely revisited once they obtain and master their unparalleled powers. This is not the case in The Avengers. This film reminds us that even the seemingly immortal and invincible among us are still human (or demi-god). Even the greatest heroes have weaknesses.

Though this fact would be alarming if we lived in the Marvel or DC universes (no person protected by Superman wants him going anywhere near kryptonite), it’s comforting to us who live in this sans-superhero reality. We all have weaknesses, failures, and regrets. We all have moments when we doubt ourselves. And we all have, at one point or another, let these things keep us from working well with others or from being who we want to be. The fact that the “greatest” among us are severely flawed puts us on a more equal ground: we might not all turn into bus-tossing green monsters or have stylish suits that fly and launch rockets, but we’re all screw-ups…


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