Ashamed of the Gospel

by Michael K. Reynolds

ashamed of the gospelIf we believe Jesus is the King of Kings then why do we treat Him like the Thief of Galilee?

Okay. Maybe not you. But the rest of us weak-kneed Christians are willing to admit we’re afraid…

He’ll rob us of our jobs
Heaven forbid we mention His name at the workplace. There’s laws about that sort of thing, aren’t there?

He’ll rob us of good neighbors
Invite the folks down the street to a Bible study? What? And risk being thought of as the kooks of the cul de sac?

He’ll rob us of our family
The rules are clear. When visiting the relatives, no politics, no religion. Sorry Jesus. You’ll need to wait in the minivan.

He’ll rob us of our friends
They won’t call. They won’t write. If they know we’re a fuddy duddy we’ll get unfriended in a heartbeat.

He’ll rob us of our reputation
Our reputations are everything to us. It’s not who we are, but it’s how we want to be perceived. And we’re not risking putting a smudge on that shine for anything.

He’ll rob us of our fun
Come on. Being a Believer can be tiring. There’s got to be some friends where we can just “be ourselves.” There’s got to be some times and some places when we can just let loose…


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