Book Review: On Guard: Defending Your Faith With Reason And Precision

by Austin Gravley

On GuardThe Pray for an Atheist campaign in 2010 was the catalyst for me getting into apologetics. Around the time, I purchased several books in hopes of arming me for that furious fray. One of those books was, On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision,  by William Lane Craig. I finished the book several weeks later, and fast forward two years later, I bought the Kindle version and re-read it. William Lane Craig is one of my role models and heroes, and this book is a good reason why I consider him to be one of my favorite apologists. While I must be upfront with that I don’t agree with Craig on everything, his winsome attitude and high standards for the Christian intellect is encouraging. He is one of the leading Christian thinkers of our time, and for good reason. I am thankful to be familiar with him and his works, all thanks to this book.

Having read Craig’s mammoth "Reasonable Faith", I find that the best way to describe "On Guard" is to equate it to a For Dummies edition of "Reasonable Faith". "On Guard" is written more like an introductory text to Craig’s more sophisticated works, written for those who do not have the tools needed to process a monster like "Reasonable Faith". Craig also writes "On Guard" with the slant of a defensive apologetic, whereas "Reasonable Faith" is offensive. Nowadays it seems to be the case that people who are getting into apologetics are getting into it because they are being challenged…


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