Breaking the Shell: The Poached Egg News and Updates

The Poached Egg 2011

from TPE editor Greg West


The Poached Egg Podcast Goes Weekly

podcast-logoThis one’s a biggie! Thanks to all of the positive feedback we’ve received to The Poached Egg Podcast, and the expressed interest of several potential guests, we are stepping things up to make it a weekly happening starting today with this week’s episode featuring special guest, Dr. Greg Ganssle. It’s such a privilege for me to have all these great guests! We’ll be posting a new episode every Thursday afternoon–each episode will soon be available on iTunes as well as being posted here on TPE.


The Poached Egg is now on Pinterest

pinterestWell, I went kicking and screaming but I finally decided that I’m secure enough in my manhood to put up a Pinterest page for TPE. This is will be a whole different way to experience TPE as I’m posting there from our archives beginning from June 2010. There you’ll find tons of quotes (our most popular board so far) along with some of the more thought provoking (and sometimes humorous) pictures from TPE along with links to the articles they originally accompanied. In addition to Pinterest, you can also follow TPE on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and you can also get each day’s new posts all in one daily e-mail by signing up here.


2nd Anniversary Celebration Mega Giveaway

anniversaryI’ll be posting more details on this by next week at the latest, but to help celebrate TPE’s 2nd anniversary, we’ll be giving away ton of apologetics resources to our visitors. Each month we usually giveaway two to four books that I’ve (normally) purchased myself. This time I thought I would ask some of the writers from websites we post from if they would like to donate some resources for this occasion and the response I received has been nothing less than overwhelming. What we got was multiple copies of multiple books from multiple authors and apologetics websites. As the grand prize, we’re giving away a very nice copy of, The Case for Christ Study Bible: Investigating the Evidence for Belief, which will be signed and personalized to the winner by general editor, Lee Strobel. I’m so excited about that one that I’m tempted to pick myself as the winner, but we all know that’s not allowed. Along with all these free resources, we’ll be giving away a few TPE  t-shirts as well. Again, more details on this giveaway contest are on the way soon, so stay tuned!


TPE is a full-time ministry: Ways you can help

likeSince most of you are likely unaware of this, The Poached Egg has been a full-time ministry since February 2011. It had gotten to the point that just about every waking hour I was not at my ‘real job’ was being spent working on and promoting TPE. My wife (and partner in ministry), Brooke and I, both prayerfully felt led that I should quit my job and pursue TPE full-time. This would mean trusting God to sustain us as finances were tight enough on both of our salaries, and this decision essentially cut our income in half. Another factor in making this decision was that we have a special needs child, and it was becoming obvious that one of us would have to move into the role of stay-at-home parent, so my being able to work from home was a way to proverbially kill two birds with one stone.

Having said that, let me say that even though TPE is a full-time ministry, that does not mean it pays a full-time salary. Please believe me now (and hear me later) that we spend a considerable more amount of revenue on TPE than it brings in. I normally don’t solicit donations since TPE does not yet have non-profit status, but if you as an individual, business, or organization should feel led to do so and would like to help sponsor TPE with a onetime or ongoing donation, please contact me at my personal e-mail address at gsw1965(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Now, I know how tough times are financially these days, and that most of you are not going to be able to help us out in that way—but there are many other ways you can take part in helping to support what we do here:

  1. Pray for TPE and this ministry: Even more than anyone’s financial support—we need and value your prayer support, so if you can, please take a few minutes each day or week to lift us up in prayer.
  2. Social network sharing: This one is probably just about the easiest and one of the best ways you can help support TPE. Every ‘like’ or share on Facebook o
    r Google +; every ‘retweet’ on Twitter or ‘repin’ on Pinterest; every e-mail share and ‘Hey, you should check out this website…’ to a friend at church, school, or work—all of these methods mean more potential visitors to TPE and are extremely invaluable ways for us in getting more traffic, which is not about TPE being popular, it’s about reaching others with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping others to do the same. I encourage you to do any one or any combination of the above each time you visit TPE. If everyone took me up on this, the impact would be huge!
  3. Do you, like myself and millions of others, shop at Amazon? If you do, regardless of any item you purchase from there (it doesn’t have to be the item you click through from) as long as you have clicked through from TPE, a small commission from that purchase goes to help support TPE—so if you do happen to shop at Amazon, please consider doing so by clicking through from one of our many links on TPE—I would sincerely appreciate it.

These are all ways you can help support TPE, and most of them don’t require you spending more money—only a little bit of your time. A lot of you are already doing these things and I wish that I could thank each and every one of you in person for doing so—maybe someday I’ll be able to do that.


Special Thanks!

thanksLast and definitely not least, I’d like to thank those of you who comment on our Facebook page and Twitter. Your comments are more encouraging to me than you know. Many of you actively engage in answering skeptics (for whom I’m also very thankful) who comment on various posts. Thanks so much all of you, and if you’re reading this right now, that includes you!

And just one more word of thanks to all the exclusive TPE bloggers, guest bloggers, and the many apologetics writers, scholars, and amateur (amateur in profession, that is, not amateur in talent) apologists who contribute to the ever growing database of articles and resources presented here at TPE. We couldn’t do this without you!