Equipping Message from Hugh Ross

Reasons to BelieveIn the group that gathered around to talk after my presentation on scientific evidence for the God of the Bible, intense discussion focused on my statement about the astronomical “coincidences” of humanity’s existence. “Please tell us more about these things,” the lingerers asked.

I spent the next 20 minutes or so reviewing what I consider “the big six” on my list of large-scale indicators showing that God intended for us to be here and to recognize His intention:

First, we live at the right moment in cosmic history to see the whole of cosmic history, all the way back to the beginning. Given the combination of light travel time and the accelerating expansion of the universe, any earlier would be too early and any later would be too late.

Second, we live at the right place in the cosmos from which to see the whole of cosmic history. If our planet resided any closer to the brightness of our galaxy’s spiral arms or to any of dozens of other bright objects in the universe, our view would be limited to seeing only nearby space…


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