Formation of Christian Boldness

by Luke Nix

apologetics BoldnessThe Importance of Boldness
Last Sunday my buddy filled in for our pastor. Like me, my friend is an apologist and has a great passion for showing people reasons that they can believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is true. His morning sermon discussed Christian boldness. He highlighted the fact that scripture promises that Christians will be persecuted for what they believe, because it is an offensive message. He also pointed out that we are commanded to deliver the news to the unsaved. He showed where scripture teaches that if we pray for boldness, the Holy Spirit will give it to us. We just need to pray, get over our fears of being offensive, and be a witness; but in a way that is gentle and loving. You can listen to the message here.

What stood out to me in this message was his focus on boldness and praying for it. What I’m going to present today is not a critique of what my friend said, but an important addendum for those who take what he said seriously. These people sincerely desire to be bolder and do pray for it, but do not feel bolder right away. I’m going to start out with my own personal experience with this desire and request.

My Story of Boldness
As many of my readers know, several years ago I went through a major crisis of faith. There were many factors that played into it. One of the big ones was unanswered prayers (in general), but a passion with boldness was one of those prayers. Many who knew me back then, knew that I was passionate about Jesus Christ, but my boldness to proclaim it in public was extremely low. I wasn’t afraid of offending people, but afraid that I would not be able to answer questions to help guide towards what I thought was true. Unfortunately, when I prayed for boldness, I had the idea that one morning I would wake up and feel bold- I’d be ready to go publicly proclaim the Gospel and would not feel any fear…


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