How I Got Apologetics Started in My Church

by William Coe

how-to-get-apologetics-in-your-church-2I heard Greg Koukl once say, “bloom where you’re planted.” What good advice that is. Getting apologetics into your church is all about getting started. It’s not about jumping on the band wagon of some larger ministry, but about doing what you can, right where you are now.
This short essay is about how I got started in getting apologetics into my church. I had been interested in apologetics for many years but didn’t find many opportunities to learn more about it in the local church so, I started listening to podcasts and reading books. I listened to the Apologetics 315 series, “How to Get Apologetics In Your Church” and got some great ideas.
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I first took action after I heard about the “Truth Project.” I was intrigued and decided to take my wife on a weekend get away at a “Truth Project” training weekend. It was a good time for us to do something valuable together and to get a weekend away from home. When we returned we had a chance to lead the “Truth Project” at our small group. We did this a couple times and had mixed results; some people liked it, other didn’t. It wasn’t the subject matter but more a lack of interest and the material was a little over the heads of some in our small group. About that time I decided to get involved with the high school youth group as an adult leader. Soon I developed a relationship with the youth pastor and led a youth team to a Mexico missions trip. This relationship would be critical in getting apologetics into our youth group…


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