How to Get Apologetics in Your Church: A Pastor’s Perspective

by Stephen J. Bedard

how-to-get-apologetics-in-your-church-2You have just read an inspiring book on apologetics. You have just returned from an exciting apologetics conference with some brilliant and engaging scholars. You just had a productive conversation with a skeptic and saw some real movement in their faith journey. You know that apologetics is vital for the local church. You make an appointment with your pastor to propose an apologetics ministry for the church, confident that the pastor will share your excitement for apologetics. You share your passion, you bare your soul to your pastor, pleading that he both approve the ministry and allow church resources to support it. Your pastor looks at you like you just suggested they start a Star Trek fan club at the church. What happened?

Many people have caught a vision for apologetics, have seen the potential impact on an unbelieving world, and have been deeply disappointed when their pastor and leadership have either rejected the notion or have given only half-hearted permission for you do something on your own. Why is this? Are pastors unspiritual? Unintellectual? Unevangelistic?

I come to this issue with a foot on both sides. I have been active in apologetics since I became a Christian. I have debated skeptics on the Internet and have had faith discussions with friends and family. At the same time, I am a pastor of a local church and have some idea of the pressures and limitations within that context. In this essay, I will examine some of the apparent apathy and provide some suggestions on how to bring your pastor on side with a proposed apologetics ministry…


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