I Should Love Apologetics But I Don’t

by Don Bryant

love apologeticsApologetics has always left me cold. In my early days as a student in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the essential “go to” book on apologetics was Paul Little’s Know Why You Believe. There was also Bernard Ramm’s Protestant Christian Evidences, a portion of which I read in the Christian high school I went to. Soon Josh McDowell came on the scene with Evidence that Demands A Verdict.

I should love apologetics. I absolutely am enthralled by philosophy, historical theology, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, et al.  I read Thomas Aquinas and his proofs for God’s existence.

But apologetics as a discipline is so unappealing to me. In the end I am more captured by the psychology of belief rather than the content of belief. I am more interested in epistemology than metaphysics. It is the inner experience of knowing that is most interesting to me.

The picture of a Christian apologist hammering an unbeliever in a debate and winning every argument feels ugly to me. It’s like watching MMA, complete with joints torn apart and blood on the mat…


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