Interview with J. Steve Miller – the God Delusion

By Eddie Snipes

dogdelusionToday I’m interviewing J. Steve Miller concerning his recent book: Richard Dawkins and His God Delusion: A preliminary critique of his truth claims. In an objective (not inflammatory) manner, Miller responds to the best-selling assault on Christianity, The God Delusion. Miller is intimately acquainted with the issues he addresses, having studied religion and philosophy at diverse colleges (the University of Georgia and Columbia International University) and two graduate schools (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Southwestern Seminary).

Eddie Snipes: Steve, what’s your interest in this topic?

J. Steve Miller: I’m a skeptic at heart, in the sense that I never accept anything at face value and always question everything. In high school, whenever people attacked the Christian faith, I bought relevant books and took their objections seriously, as much to answer my own questions as theirs. During my academic career, I acquired the tools of religious research, studying Greek, Hebrew, comparative religions, logic, philosophy, critiques of Christianity, etc. As a result, I concluded that Christianity was supported by abundant evidence and that attacks on the faith could be answered satisfactorily. It’s not based upon blind faith as Dawkins caricatures Christianity.

ES: So what motivated you to write it?

JSM: My church asked me to present a seminar responding to The New Atheism, which I’d not read up on, due to my work and family responsibilities. The God Delusion was the most popular and respected book of the movement, so I read it carefully and took voluminous notes. The book just begs for a response for several reasons:

1 – Dawkins’ intent is to convert, not to lay out the facts in an objective manner. He’s an evangelist for atheism. Dawkins fumes and rages against God and religion. He makes fun of Christians. Readers will either love or hate the book, but you can’t remain neutral.

2 – The book exhibits horrid scholarship. People who’ve never studied Christianity in depth probably won’t realize that he’s playing fast and loose with facts. So you go to Amazon and find all these five star reviews. I suppose readers see that he taught at Cambridge and assume that he’s gotten his facts straight. But studied people – both believers and unbelievers – know that he tends to spout nonsense. Professor Michael Ruse stated, “The God Delusion makes me embarrassed to be an atheist….”

Dawkins typically misrepresents what Christians believe, avoids the strongest arguments for the opposition, doesn’t appear to even be even remotely acquainted with the main works of Christian apologetics and routinely makes up “facts.” As such, it’s not just an attack on Christianity – it’s an attack on truth in general. It screams for a response


Interview with J. Steve Miller – the God Delusion «



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