On Being Apollos

By John Mark Reynolds

Paul and ApollosThe Biblical book of Acts introduces a character named Apollos. He was Jewish, like Paul, eloquent, unlike Paul, and didn’t write any world class epistles, also unlike Paul.

He was the kind of guy made for television or the Net, but sadly for him the ephemeral media was several thousand years away. Apollos was “fervent in spirit” and knew truths about Jesus, but not the full story. He listened to further teaching and become a strong advocate for Christianity. In his day, he was popular enough that some people described themselves as “of Apollos.”

Safe to say his fame faded so that our knowledge of him is dependent on his intersection with Paul’s story.

My grandfather once was talking to a local West Virginia minister, puffed up on his own local fame, and said to this local pastor: “Well, they do not make many men like Paul.” and this great man puffed up his chest and said, “You are looking at one.”

He wasn’t and he wasn’t.

Paul is rare. Paul says to “be like him,” but other than suffering like he suffered I have found that too difficult. Paul wrote Romans, a book so well argued, and so profound, that by itself it refutes those who fail to take the Bible seriously…


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