Paul’s use and method of apologetics

by Dave Jenkins

apologetics of paulThis is part two of our series on Apologetics. In part 1 we learned what it means to engage worldviews. Today we will look at Paul’s use and methods in Apologetics, and tomorrow we will look at the use of Apologetics in preaching and teaching the Gospel.

Paul’s use and method of apologetics

The methodology that Paul used in the sharing his faith with the Athenians was the Presuppositional method that assumed the Triune God of Scripture and developed from the Biblical narrative to the knowledge of the individuals being addressed. Dr. Greg Bahnsen proclaims the following on this subject; “Paul laid the presuppositional groundwork for accepting the authoritative word from God, which was the source and context of the good news about Christ’s resurrection.”[i]

Paul at no time appeals to neutrality in his proclamation of the Christian faith. Almost everything that Paul proclaims in this address is offensive to the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers of his day.[ii]  Paul, using the Scriptures as his source of epistemology, reasons in such a way; 1) Yahweh is the only God (Acts 17:23), 2) Biblical Creation (Acts 17:24, 3) Yahweh is transcendent (Acts 17:25), 4) All mankind comes from one blood (Acts 17:26), 5) Yahweh controls the creation via His perfect sovereignty (Acts 17:26), 6) Yahweh is the source of life (Acts 17:27-28, 7) Yahweh must be worshiped as He has revealed Himself (Acts 17:29), 8) All men are called to repentance (Acts 17:30), 9) Judgment of the world through Christ (Acts 17:31), and 10) The resurrection of Jesus Christ (Acts 17:32).

Bahnsen goes on to proclaim the following of Paul’s apologia: “Paul was well aware of the philosophical climate of his day. Accordingly he did not attempt to use premises agreed upon with the philosophers, and then pursue a “neutral” method of argumentation to move them from the circle of their beliefs into the circle of his own convictions…


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