We Really Don’t Need Apologetics? Think Again

guest blog by Eric Chabot*

apologetics - think againThese were just SOME of the objections to the faith I heard this week at Ohio State during our evangelism efforts. I am not going to discuss how I answered many of these objections. For those that say there is no need to learn apologetics, perhaps you should re-evaluate that: Here goes:

Jewish person: Jesus is not the Messiah because there is no new Temple. The Messiah is supposed to build the 3rd Temple.

Jewish person: There is a difference between theology and history. History is more about facts. Theology is more about belief. The Bible is really just theology.

Jewish person: I have a hard time believing in a God when I look around the world. I mean how can there be a God who intervenes into history when we have things like the Holocaust.

Jewish person: We as Jews don’t believe in human sacrifice, blood atonement, a virgin birth. And we don’t think God can be a man (Numbers 23:19)!

Jewish person: I am a pantheist. And I think God is too transcendent for us to understand Him.

Atheist: I see no need to posit God for any explanation for anything. And the Jesus story is the same as Horus, Mithras, etc.

Atheist: What evidence do you have for the miracles of Jesus?

Atheist: Evolution can give us objective morality. I don’t need God to explain that at all.

Atheist: I don’t need to appeal to any authorities in my arguments. They are all my own ideas. And even if you cite authorities to show the universe has a beginning, I probably won’t agree with them and still think the universe is eternal.

Atheist: The genre of the Gospels are historical fiction!

Atheist: Why do Christians try to start with the Bible to show the Bible is true? That is so circular!

Atheist: The empirical method is the way to show God exists. And since you can’t demonstrate God’s existence empirically, He does not exist.

Atheist: I admit that my worldview is kind of depressing. After all, I have no hope for my loved ones or myself when we die. However, what I believe is true, so in the end, that is all that matters.


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