Why Apologetics?

by Clay Dobbs

thinking about Chrisatian apologeticsApologetics is an interesting discipline in Christian theology. In simple terms, apologetics is giving a defense of the Christian faith. There are many applications and views of apologetics in Christian culture. There are those that put too much emphasis on it; simply striving to “prove” themselves and their thoughts to be correct. Some say it is not useful and refute it outright. There are even some that say it is not useful, yet use apologetic techniques unknowingly. The proper application will be discussed briefly in this blog. This approach sees apologetics as a resourceful theological tool to bring people to the transformational message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apologetics is not intended to replace faith, but to strengthen and enhance your faith. Many apologists will quote 1 Peter 3:15 that states we need to always be prepared to give a defense or give an answer for the hope that we have in Jesus (paraphrase). Apologetics is generally given through scientific, philosophical, and historical approaches.

We feel that through science, philosophy, and history believers can show evidence of God. Atheists, skeptics, and non-believers will say the exact opposite; they feel science, philosophy, and history shows evidence of no god(s). It is neglecting this realization of presuppositions and bias on both sides that can be detrimental in our pursuit of truth. Volitional opposition to God is just as problematic to the skeptic as blind uneducated faith in God is to the believer when it comes to the public forum of sharing thoughts. If we are sincerely pursuing truth, we must be open to the potential to being wrong. Rick Warren once said (not certain if he was re-quoting someone) “arrogance is not believing you are right, it is the believing there is no chance you are wrong.” So as any intellectual endeavor, we need to be open to the truth, even if the truth is found in the opposing view. For my fellow believers, I am not a heretic for that statement. If it was somehow proven Jesus was not a real man, the writers of the Bible lied, or any other major tenet of Christianity was proven profoundly false, it would be unreasonable to continue to believe in those things. It is this approach that has allowed former atheists to shift their faith from atheism to Christianity. Some top Christian apologists fit into this category: Lee Strobel, Charles Colson, Ravi Zacharias, among others…


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