Why Christianity offends

by Joel Furches

offensiveSocrates is widely considered to be the father of philosophy.  His approach to philosophy was simply to question everything.  In so doing, he exposed the often superficial structure of beliefs upon which most of his contemporaries founded their worldviews.  This led him to utter his well-known quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

In many ways, Socrates was a sharp skeptic, calling into question all of the things that those around him accepted without much thought.  For instance, another of his famous quotes is: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”

In this one quote, Socrates nicely sums up what it is to be a true skeptic.  It was not that he rejected religion in favor of atheism or that he rejected supernatural thinking in favor of scientific.  Socrates started with no presuppositions, and questioned all forms of thought equally.

It was Socrates complaint that people think they know things without giving much thought as to what it is to know; and how, and, indeed if anyone knows anything.

The modern skeptic has at least one reasonable complaint, that is, that large swaths of the population accept whatever worldview they embrace without questioning that worldview, and without much or any thought as to the long-term consequences of those beliefs.

Enter the Apologist.  Christian Apologists take up the call to examine and explain the beliefs of Christianity with rational argumentation.  In many ways, this is complimentary to the Skeptic, because the doubts that they have cast on Christianity were taken seriously enough for members of that group to answer them.  And if the Skeptic had no other end in mind but to persuade Christians to study, consider, and examine their beliefs rationally, then the story would end there…


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