Why Christians Are Stupid and Atheists Are Not

by C.L. Bolt

Not-StupidIf you were to buy into atheist propaganda on the Internet you would have no choice but to conclude that Christians are some of the most ignorant, irrational, dishonest, deluded idiots on the planet. In short if you are a Christian, then you are stupid. You can substitute whatever other derogatory term you would like in the place of stupid. The point is that something is seriously wrong with the idiots who believe these nonsensical fairy tales, etc. etc. You have heard it all before. You get the point.

Of course I do not really need the atheists to tell me that there are plenty of Christians who are ignorant, irrational, dishonest, and deluded. I have spent my entire life around Christians. I am a Christian. It is safe to say that I know Christians better than the vast majority of atheists do. If I were pressed on it I would have to admit that I have met some rather stupid Christians.

But atheists want to say much more than that there just happen to be stupid Christians. They want to say that there is something inherent to Christianity itself, or to Christians themselves, which renders every encounter with a Christian a futile one. They really mean to say what was mentioned above; if you are a Christian then you are stupid.

This is where the atheist runs into a significant problem…


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