Why Do Christians Need Apologetics?

Therefore, God Exists

apologetics - no blind faithOur society is drifting further into the clutches of ignorance. More frequently, we hear inept statements such as “There is no truth!” or “All truth is relative!” and people are consumed by these logical fallacies for the reason that they are the very first philosophical treatments that they have heard. The army which represents reason is becoming vanishingly small.

Through college campuses, students are often taught post-modernism. They are taught that the historical figure that was Jesus of Nazareth never really existed. Despite that this view is on the very outskirts of contemporary scholarship, students have no response, because they have never heard a sophisticated treatment of these issues and thus are taken in by the secular world.

Churches and faithful youth are not at all immune to the persuasion of secular humanism. Rather, three of every four students are being persuaded by it because they have never heard a logical presentation of the truth of the Christian doctrine. That is to say that they have no idea why they believe that it is true. They believe that it is true only on the basis that somebody told them that it was true. Read my interview with a young fellow for a demonstration of this point…


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