A Letter to the Church from Billy Graham

Ed Stetzer

Billy GrahamOne of the great privileges of the Christian life is to learn from those who served Christ longer and have experienced more of His mission. The essays in the Mission of God Study Bible that make up the Letters to the Church are from some of our "older leaders" in the faith.

The first essay I’m sharing is from the most well-known modern day evangelist in the world: Billy Graham. The essay below is but a snapshot of his unparalleled ministry over the years.

We are honored that he would contribute an original essay to this study Bible and are thrilled to share it with you.

A Letter to the Church from Billy Graham: If Jesus Christ came into the world to save us from our sins and give us the gift of eternal life, then why doesn’t God take us to Heaven the moment we trust Christ as our Lord and Savior?

Many answers might be given to this question, of course–but they all come down to this: God leaves us here because He has a mission for us to fulfill. We aren’t here by accident; neither are we here simply to enjoy the good things life has to offer. We are here because God put us here, and He has a sovereign purpose in keeping us here. It’s true for us as individuals, and it’s true for His body, the Church, in all of its fullness. As Jesus prayed just before His arrest and trial, "I am not praying that You take them out of the world . . . As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world" (Jn 17:15,18).

But what is the mission we’re sent to accomplish? What does God want His people to do?

We will never understand His mission unless we understand His revealed Word, the Bible. Apart from it we will flounder around, never understanding His mission for us and therefore never fulfilling it. Yet from one end of the Bible to the other we see God’s plan at work, and our first task must be to understand it…


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