Challenging Atheism’s Definition of Faith

by Robin Schumacher

Frederick NietzscheI have what may seem like a startling confession to make as a Christian: I appreciate the writings and thoughts of Frederick Nietzsche.

For those unfamiliar with him, Nietzsche was an existentialist philosopher who was a vehement critic of religion in general and Christianity in particular. A reading of his work “The Antichrist”, which can be found online[1], will clearly demonstrate what I mean.

But I admire Nietzsche for one thing: being an honest atheist. So many atheists want to live with one foot in the Christian worldview and one foot out. Not Nietzsche. He took his medicine like a man and followed the atheistic worldview to its logical conclusions. Then he went crazy.

When it came to the subject of faith, Nietzsche wasn’t shy about what he thought:

"Whoever has theological blood in his veins is shifty and dishonourable in all things. The pathetic thing that grows out of this condition is called faith."[2]

"Truth and faith: here we have two wholly distinct worlds of ideas, almost two diametrically opposite worlds—the road to the one and the road to the other lie miles apart."[3]

"But when faith is thus exalted above everything else, it necessarily follows that reason, knowledge and patient inquiry have to be discredited: the road to the truth becomes a forbidden road."[4]

"’Faith’ means the will to avoid knowing what is true."[5]

I would speculate that 99.9% of all skeptics and atheists would nod in agreement with Nietzsche’s assertions of faith. But they’re all wrong where the Christian definition of the word is concerned. Let’s take a look at what real Biblical faith is and see if we can’t redeem the word from the faulty image that’s painted by today’s unbelieving culture…


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