Freethinkers for Christ

by Dan Agabiti

apologetics uconnIt’s around 2 a.m. and Monday night has faded into Tuesday morning. Stacer is driving back to his house just five minutes from the University of Connecticut with nothing more in his system than coffee when the flashing lights of a police car appear behind him.

"Here we go again," he mumbles under his breath.

The officer asks why he’s out at that hour, and Stacer answers that he’s been discussing the philosophical implications of the Christian worldview with skeptics. The officer himself seems skeptical. Stacer shows his license and demonstrates no reason for suspicion. The officer allows Stacer to continue on his way without penalty.

Late Monday nights are a tradition for those in the Freethinkers Club, which has been meeting at the University of Connecticut for roughly nine semesters to discuss topics related to philosophy and logic. Since the group’s inception, a small group of students like Stacer from UConn Students for Christ, along with one Cru staff member, have joined them to demonstrate that Christianity in its genuine form does not threaten society the way many fear. It is a logical viewpoint to which thinking people can subscribe.

These few Christians are as welcome as any atheist, agnostic, or skeptic. Though it hasn’t been easy, they have earned that acceptance by listening, being patient, and being honest.

Learning to Listen

A few years ago, Jim was a student and knew somebody starting up the club. Jim had only been a Christian for maybe seven months by that point, but because of the nature of his testimony, he was intrigued by the club and decided to attend the inaugural meetings with Ryan, the Cru staff member discipling him at the time.

"I was very naive about it," Jim told me. "It all made a lot of sense to me. How could it not? But it became apparent quickly that it was more than just answering questions, it was learning to listen, a lot…


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