No Running

By Mark McIntyre

apologetics - no runningIn the English Standard Version of the Bible, at least nine times we are told to “stand firm.” The implication is that there is battle to be enjoined and there should be no thought of running. The metaphor makes sense, to stand firm in a battle in Biblical times would make the difference between life and death. The soldier’s weapons only protect him when he is facing the enemy. To turn his back would be suicide.

In 21st Century America, it is right for Christians to reach out to the increasingly larger unbelieving segment of the population. However, to do so, there is temptation to accommodate the teaching of the church to popular wisdom to broaden the church’s appeal. There is pressure to run from what are seen as controversial or antiquated teachings of Christianity. This we cannot do, we must stand firm on the clear teaching of Scripture regardless of the pressure brought to bear by the culture at large.

An area where I am tempted to run is when things get difficult. When trouble comes, I want to question whether I am following God’s will. When it’s hard, I am tempted to find a smoother road. It is easier to run somewhere else than to stand on conviction and face the consequences…


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