Why Does God Neglect To Heal Amputees?

Therefore, God Exists

apologetics does God neglect to heal amputeesThis has to be one of the strangest objections to Christian doctrine that continues to be echoed throughout the internet infidel blogosphere. Indeed I could not imagine such sophomoric refutations being offered in an academic setting.

Only in the realm of the uneducated and the ignorant do people lack any critical thinking, and therefore also lack any sound foundation on which to base their non-belief. So they conjure up these absurd arguments, as sort of “got-chya” points against Christianity. But I submit they are depthless statements; they are shadows on the wall, they are straw men, they are blowfish. They cannot stand in the face of rigorous argumentation.

Now, I would review this argument at full extension. The atheists explain that there is no instance in the Bible in which God heals somebody who is missing a limb, which, as far as I know, is true. The problem is that they bring forth a false conclusion from this, namely, that God cannot, or does not care to heal amputees.

This is simply poor reasoning, as there is no connector between the premise, that God was not recorded in the Bible as healing amputees, with the conclusion, that God therefore does not care or is impotent toward amputees. Unless there is some hidden premises that connects the premise, with the conclusion, then this argument collapses. Since it is the case that no hidden premises have been provided, it follows that in fact, this argument collapses. So, on this face of it, this argument is clearly logically invalid…


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