Doing Apologetics = Love

by Sarah Ankenman

apologetics equals loveWhy do I, personally, do apologetics? My whole life I have felt this inescapable call to ministry. I never knew why or what it was going to be ultimately, but I knew that every time I would try to escape it, God would do whatever it took in my life to bring me back onto the right course. And let me tell you, there were times where that process of bringing me back to ministry was painful and not fun, but God had a plan, and so whatever He did was necessary. I don’t do apologetics because I enjoy studying (I really don’t) or getting attacked by Atheists or Muslims (which is scary sometimes). I also don’t do apologetics for the prestige or "smart person" status that may come with the title sometimes. I only recently figured out why God called me to and made me so attracted to this discipline: it is because of my penchant for caring too much.

It may not be always incredibly obvious that I have a big heart, since one of my weaknesses is allowing my external circumstances (which are often extremely hard to deal with – see my blog entitled "Unfortunately Sure" for more info) to determine how I treat people, and I am not always the best witness for Christ, but I really do have a huge heart. I genuinely love people and want the best for them. There are nights where I can’t sleep because I lay awake sobbing about all the babies whose lives have been taken through abortion (a topic that completely grieves me, being a mother), and after disasters such as 9/11, I literally sit there and dwell on the fact that people are suffering and I can’t do anything for them but pray.

Throughout my years of study, I have come to a confident belief that Christianity is indeed the truth and the answer to the fallen world in which we presently find ourselves in. It is a turning away from Christianity and an embracing of sin that has caused much of the turmoil that grieves me so much today. Evil and suffering are privations, or a lack, of good, and that good is Jesus Christ. This is why I do apologetics: because I realize that Christianity (a belief in Jesus as God and an obedience to the Holy Scriptures) is the only way these things will cease to be part of our culture. However, because our culture (Post-Darwin/Scopes Trial/Skepticism) is so far gone into materialism, postmodernism, and pluralism, the only way to successfully introduce the world to Jesus Christ and the Bible is through apologetics. You can’t start with the gospel most times nowadays, you must give the case for the gospel before being able to give the actual gospel…


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