How to Reply to Numerous Questions by Genuine or Insincere Questioners Regarding the Truth of Christianity

By Mike Robinson

i knowHow to Respond to Plentiful Questions by Inquirers Regarding the Verity of Christian Theism

As an apologist, specialist, or a scholar have you been bombarded with emails and questions by sincere or possibly disingenuous questioners regarding the truth of Christianity?

Have you struggled with how to respond since you care for the lost, yet you only have a limited amount of time during your week?

This post offers some ideas that may help. And we ask the reader to offer any other suggestions or ideas relating to this challenging and often troubling matter. Perhaps this post will also assist everyday-Christians in their outreach with friends, family, and beyond.

A Christian blogger asked the following question on an Apologetics FaceBook page:

Someone by means of my contact form asked me a few questions. After I responded, he has sent me a constant stream of links to atheist sites (some written about me, others about creation issues and such) paired with the question: “Can this be refuted?”

I believe that he has a seeking heart that has been exposed to some questions, doubts, and/or apologetics. At this point, I’m unsure how to approach the situation. I don’t have the time to keep up with his e-mails (4+ emails daily), so I’ve largely just tried to respond broadly. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Many diverse apologists responded. Below are some of the more helpful ideas.

1. I would ask the person if they are being genuine. If it appears that they are a sincere pursuer of truth, then you can redirect them to websites that focus on apologetics. Many sites and blogs have an abundance of material that should help those who are genuinely interested in Christianity…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsHow to Reply to Numerous Questions by Genuine or Insincere Questioners Regarding the Truth of Christianity



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