If The Infinite Is Impossible, How Is God Infinite?

infiniteI spoke recently to an atheist who had an objection to the Cosmological argument which I proposed in my forum. He responded to my claim that the infinite leads to logical absurdities (Which I was quite pleased to see. It offers great hope for me that all atheists do not dismiss logic).

This atheist rested his defense on the very common objection that mathematics prove that the infinite is a logical possibility. But, as I explained, the mathematical possibility of using the infinite with coherency does not prove that the infinite can actually exist. It proves only that the infinite can be used as a sort of intellectual discourse, but not that it can exist in reality. This made the elementary mistake of equivocating what philosophers call “possible infinite” with “actual infinite”.

So that objection obviously did not work, and the point that the actual infinite cannot exist stands confidently. But I think for many, this may lead to another objection, namely, if the infinite is impossible, how is God infinite?

Infinite In The Past?
There are many different manners of answering this question, and I will begin with this one. God is not infinite in the past. He did not exist “prior” to the beginning of the universe in temporal space and time…


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