So You Want to Be an Atheist Apologist?

by Stephen Bedard

save the planetSomehow you have found yourself believing that there is no God.  Perhaps you never had faith, perhaps you lost faith along the way.  At first it was just nice to sleep in on Sundays and to not worry about any religious rules stopping you from having fun.  But passive atheism has become boring and now you want to do more than just not believe, you want to encourage other people to stop believing as well.  That is what this post is all about, training you to be an atheist apologist.

The first thing that you have to work on is attitude.  Some of your atheist friends will tell you to ignore religious people and let everyone believe what they want.  Do not listen to them.  It is not enough for you to not believe, other people must join you in unbelief.  In some ways your atheism is unfulfilled when there is even one person still believing.  Look for any opportunity to tear down someone else’s faith.

One of the atheists greatest weapons is that of offence.  One of the reasons religion must be destroyed is that it is offensive.  It is not just stands on moral issues or specific ethical rules that are offensive.  Anything religious should be seen as offensive.  If you are driving down a road and you see a cross that has been placed where someone has been killed in an accident, you should be filled with anger.  They might claim that they placed it there to remember a lost loved one but their real reason was to shove religion down your throat.  Do not let them get away with that.  As an atheist apologist, it is your job to seek the removal of any public display of religion.  You have the right to never encounter anything religious and you should fight for that right.

One of the things that atheism has going for itself is that it is the only intellectual worldview on the market.  All religion is based on faith, atheism is based on fact…


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