The Poached Egg Podcast: Learning to Jump Again

TPE Apologetics Podcast - Anthony WeberAs a pastor and teacher, this week’s guest, Anthony Weber, tried to help people deal with the grief that accompanied the death of a loved one. In 2003, he experienced that loss for himself when his father, a minister and counselor, died of pancreatic cancer while still in his fifties. Suddenly, Anthony’s personal experience challenged his carefully crafted theological understanding of pain and grief.

Anthony had to revisit a lot of big questions that he thought were resolved: Why is life so hard? What kind of God allows this, and why? Why do I feel so disconnected from others? How do I handle the roller coaster of emotions? Why am I now consumed by fear? How should I view the presence of pain in the world? How do I, as a pastor, teach my congregation how to pray when I can’t pray anymore? Can I doubt? How long can I cry? And how long will God put up with me?

Join me this week as Anthony and I discuss his struggles with these questions and others, how he dealt with them, and what inspired him to write it all down in his book, Learning To Jump Again: A Memoir Of Grief And Hope.


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