Why Acknowledging the Creator Makes Sense

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apologetics gods and thunderboltsScientific discoveries like the Big Bang give support to the Christian position that God created the universe. The Intelligent Design movement refines the argument, contending that a Creator is necessary to explain the existence of complex ordered things, like a universe or a human being or a strand of DNA. Nonetheless, the atheist will often challenge the believer by deriding such acknowledgement of God as primitive or foolish. Many times the challenge goes something like this:

“We once thought that thunderbolts were the sound of the gods playing pins. Before science came along to light the way, primitive man resorted to stories about the gods to explain what was occurring. So, why can’t you see that current belief in God is just more of the same? Why can’t you simply admit that we don’t yet know how we got here, or how DNA was first formed or why it works? Why keep going back to the same old “it must be God’s work” instead of just admitting that this is no explanation at all?”

This argument cleverly places the believer on the defensive. On a rhetorical level, it has the added advantage of using ridicule to belittle the proponent, bypassing completely the underlying merits of the ID argument. And as any child knows – there is little that logic or reason can do in the face of a well-honed appeal to ridicule. But let’s shave away the ridicule and take a deeper look at what lies behind the challenge…


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