A World Without Evil: My Worst Nightmare

by AJ Heil

world without evilMany people promote the concept of world peace – A world without war, calamity, pain, violence, and suffering – A world without evil. We dream of a society in which there are no hardships and no stress to be had. If only we could live without worries, without emotional pain and toil.  Wouldn’t that be a perfect world?

Would it?

Although this ideal may be appealing in many ways, I submit to you that it should not be a world that we desire to live in.  A world without evil, could quite possibly be the worst world of all.

Here is my reasoning…

Without evil, there would be no point to doing anything at all. 

What reason would we have for going to school and getting a job if hardships did not exist?

More significantly, what reason would we have to serve or show love to other people?
Without pain and suffering, there would be no reason for us to be concerned for other people.

What point would there be to having, giving, and spending money if we could never be unhappy?

By eliminating problems and hardships, life would become a dreamlike existence – Completely aimless in purpose.

If we could never suffer disappointment, and stress through that disappointment, then what reason would there be to get out of bed in the morning?  I am presenting the idea that the existence of evil, and more specifically, the possibility of doing evil, brings purpose to much of what we do in the world…


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