Another Scientist Claiming that the Laws of Physics + Time = Protons and Plato

by Jason Dulle

timeAstrophysicist Alex Filippenko of the Universityof California, Berkeleytook part in a panel discussion on June 23, 2012 at the SETICon 2 conference on the topic “Did the Big Bang Require a Divine Spark?”  Taking a page out of the playbooks of Stephen Hawking and Lawrence Krauss, Filippenko claimed that “the Big Bang could’ve occurred as a result of just the laws of physics being there. With the laws of physics, you can get universes.”[1] If the laws of physics are responsible for churning out universes, then the ultimate question is not the origin of the universe, but the origin of the laws of physics.  Where did they come from?  Filippenko recognizes this problem, saying “The question, then, is, ‘Why are there laws of physics?’  And you could say, ‘Well, that required a divine creator, who created these laws of physics and the spark that led from the laws of physics to these universes, maybe more than one.’”[2]

It’s at this point that Filippenko trots out the “who created God?” objection to demonstrate the explanatory inadequacy of the God hypothesis, claiming that we would still have to ask who/what created God, and who/what created the thing/person who created God, ad infinitum.  He seems to be unaware of three crucial facts:


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