Apologetics 101: Defining Apologetics

by Robie Day

defining apologeticsOver the past few months, I have read several articles discussing the number of Christians that are able to provide a basic defense for their faith.  In each of these articles, the author’s main point was that in defending their faith, Christians, in general, fail by comparison to other religions.  And regardless of whether it is because of a lack of emphasis from church leaders, a lack of desire or interest from Christians in general, or because it is simply disregarded as unnecessary, it remains that many Christians cannot provide even a basic defense for the convictions they hold. 

The reason for this is likely a combination of all of the above.  Yet, there is one more reason that I think is also a large factor: fear.  When people hear the word apologetics, they often view it as something to be left for seminarians, feeling as if they are not capable of comprehending such complex concepts.  However, I would contend that that could not be further from the truth. 

While I admit that there are some very complex concepts that I still do not fully grasp myself (as I am certainly no Dylan Rowland), understanding the basic arguments for Christianity is something that is much more attainable than most people believe.  Having said that, over the course of the coming weeks, my intent is to help you understand the basic tenets of Christian apologetics by providing a definition of apologetics, the biblical warrant for apologetics, the various apologetic perspectives and methodologies, and of course, the basic apologetic arguments that will hopefully help you better defend your faith…


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