Can you prove that God exists?

by Michael Hyam

can you prove that God existsCan You Prove God Exists?

A few months ago I got in to an argument about the existence of God on Facebook. I know I should have known better, but when someone says something untrue, sometimes you’ve just got to step in and say something…

The argument was essentially about whether we can prove God exists. If you’re a Christian reading this, it’s probably a familiar question to you. Or, if you’re a skeptic, one you may have asked yourself.

What can we “prove”?

When people ask me to prove God’s existence I begin by asking them what “proof” they need! I know it sounds a little cheeky, but it’s actually pretty important. Do they want God to speak to them? Do they need a miracle?

You see, when it comes to proof and evidence, the closest thing we can get to is what a lawyer calls proof beyond reasonable doubt (apart from mathematics, but that is another story). What this means is that when we are asked to “prove” something, what we need to do, is only provide enough evidence to convince someone that a certain claim is true.

For example, I cannot prove to you that my wife loves me. But what I can do is give you the evidence of 11 years of marriage and all the things she has said and done to give you proof that it is true. You then need to make a choice based on my evidence.

Some previous attempts to prove God exists

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, people have been debating who “God” is and what “God” is like. There are three main arguments that people have used…


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