Why we can trust the Bible


why we can trust the BibleIn a world that is increasingly skeptical about everything (other than its own skepticism) it is important to address honest questions head on. I was recently faced with the question of why we can trust the bible. Contrary to popular belief there are many reasons. But here are three that I gave:

  1. Its general consistency
  2. The reliability of its sources
  3. Its prophetic validity

These points and the wealth of research supporting them stand on their own. But two recent news stories highlight why it makes sense to take a leap of faith based on what the Bible says about itself now ahead of future corroborating discoveries. The first is the possible discovery of the location of the mines used by the Queen of Sheba to dig up the gold she later gave to King Solomon (2 Chron 9:9). They might not be believers but anyone honestly seeking the truth will inevitably run into it:

Louise Schofield, an archaeologist and former British Museum curator, who headed the excavation on the high Gheralta plateau in northern Ethiopia, said: “One of the things I’ve always loved about archaeology is the way it can tie up with legends and myths. The fact that we might have the Queen of Sheba’s mines is extraordinary.” (The Guardian 12/02/12)

Something that is arguably more exciting is the possible discovery of some very early fragments of the Gospel of Mark that potentially pre-date other manuscripts and could be as early as 125 AD. What is arguably even more interesting is the fact that another fragment (both were discovered by Dallas Theological Seminary’s Daniel B. Wallace) dated around 200 AD is a sermon on Hebrews 11. It may sound obvious to those of us who believe, but if this is what appears, this is clear evidence that the very early church already took the new testament writings to be scripture…


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